Hasan Kadhim Jahlool's Defence Session

In the department of History, an MA thesis entitled "Mahmoud Ali Al-Dawood's Scientific and Diplomatic Role  in Iraq: a Historical study" was defended.

The study, submitted by Hasan Kadhim,  contained four chapters. The first chapter examined the impact of Mosul upon Mahmoud Ali al-Dawood's raising and his social position since 1930.

The second chapter dealt with the official career of Mahmoud Ali al-Dawood and his academic career within 1975 – 2020. The third chapter studied Mahmoud Ali al-Dawood's role in diplomacy in the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1958-1977. In the fourth chapter, Mahmoud Ali al-Dawood's activities were examined in research centres, institutes and colleges inside and outside Iraq 1977 – 2020.


The study aimed at studying an Iraqi academic and diplomatic figure who is Mahmoud Ali al-Dawood by examining his lineage, birth, raising up, marriage, and academic career since his post in the Ministry of Education up to the period when he taught at the Iraqi and Arabic universities especially his diplomatic

role in the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affiars.