Dean speech


The College of Arts Dean's Word

The College of Arts is considered one of the pioneering colleges that was concomitantly founded with establishing the university of Basra in 1964.  Since its establishment till today, the College of Arts has contributed in providing the different governmental and non-governmental sectors with the youthful potentials that are holed up in the sober academic and human knowledge and sciences. Thus, subsequent generations have been graduating, which led to an active role in building the state and serving the society in different fields.

          Today, the college, with its seven departments (Arabic, English, History, Geography, Philosophy, Library and Information, Translation), attempts to achieve two strategic goals: supplying the work market with the qualified graduates who are equipped experiences and skills plus being open to the different social groups. This can be done by generating a sober academic discourse that contributes to build the society epistemologically and culturally plus playing an educational role.

          To achieve this, the College Deanship seeks to adopt a promising plan by updating the curricula and by developing the teaching methods. In addition to this, the theoretical side will be supported by the practical skills during the age of spreading information via the cyber space. Due to the present circumstances affecting our country and the world, and due to Covid 19 spread, it is imperative to utilize the electronic techniques so as to make our plan successful. This is also because the e-learning is being adopted in the Iraqi universities in the second semester of 2019 - 2020. In addition, the blended learning will be adopted in the coming academic year 2020 - 2021.

We ask God to grant you success and repayment for the sake of serving our country

Prof. Majid Abdul-Hameed Abid , PhD.

Dean of the College